The Merry Misfits Series

Welcome to the Merry Misfits Series website!

I began writing the Merry Misfit Series after having the privilege to have interacted with many animals.  My hope is these books help teach young children about  caring, kindness and love towards our precious critters, and to each other as well. Each book is based on true stories, written with love and sprinkled with a bit of faith!

I also want to help springboard an artist’s career. To that end, each artist is carefully chosen for a book to demonstrate their special illustration style. I look at each artist’s work, and their passion for their craft, so we can work together to create an enjoyable book for many children.

I would love to have you share a story about YOUR animals . Or if not a story, even send a funny joke. Please email me at TheMerryMisfitSeries@gmail.com. I will post it on this website, with your first name, only, to share with other website visitors!

If you are adding a furry  friend to your life, please consider adopting at your local shelter. I believe these animals are grateful when they get that important second chance. The shelters have so many wonderful animals looking for homes. In addition to cats and dogs you can adopt rabbits, ferrets, horses and many more species.

I am looking forward to hearing about your animal adventures. I hope you enjoy the Merry Misfits Series.

Best wishes,